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Camp Fire At-Home Activities

In uncertain times we all crave stability, especially kids. For more than 100 years, Camp Fire has been a safe, stable place for youth to come and gain important life skills, that hasn’t changed. Now more than ever, youth need those social-emotional skills they normally earn in Camp Fire, so they can succeed now and look towards a positive future.

We will continue to adjust and add Camp Fire activities that can be done at home with few or no materials so that adults can facilitate activities while isolating. Click the activity titles below for instructions.

Mindfulness Tour Activity

Music Listening Activity

What’s In My Hand Activity

Nature Search Activity

Negative Space Art Activity

Hopes and Dreams Activity

Make Your Own Ice Paints Activty

Aluminum Foil Boats Activity

Topic Tag Activity

Paper Plate Frisbee Activity | Disco de papel frisbees

DIY Jellyfish Activity | Actividad de medusas

Dance Freeze Activity | Actividad Baile Congelado

Get To Know Me Jenga Activity | Conozca Sobre Mi Actividad Jenga

Eclipse Art Activity | Actividad de Eclipse

Playdough Marble Race |Carreras de Canicas de Plastilina

Skittles Rainbow Art Activity | Actividad de Rainbow Skittles

DIY Paper Kite Activity | Actividad de Cometa de Papel

Poetry Playlist Activity | Actividad de Poesía Inspirado de

Balloon Keep Up Game | Juego de Globo en el Aire

The activities below require several materials, perfect for households who love to craft

Make Your Own Bath Bomb Activity

Candle Making Activity

Homemade Playdough Recipe | Receta de Plastilina Casera

Our Mission

Camp Fire connects young people to the outdoors, to others, and themselves

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

Light the fire within