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CIT 1 Program Entrance Survey

About this Survey:

Welcome to the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Level 1 program! We want to assure you that while we take our program seriously, this survey is not meant to intimidate you. Please feel free to fill it out to the best of your ability. Your input is valuable, and we’re here to support your growth and development as a CIT.

CIT 1 Program Objective:

To successfully complete the Counselor-in-Training Level 1 program with a strong foundation in counseling skills, interpersonal communication, and leadership abilities, while actively contributing to a supportive and inclusive camp environment for campers and fellow staff members.

CIT 1 Program Dates: June 9, 2024 – June 14, 2024 AND June 16, 2024 – June 21, 2024

Counselor-in-Training Level 1 – Entrance Survey

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Camp Experience

Have you attended this Camp before?
Have you attended any other camp(s) in the past?

Camp Activities and Engagement

Commitment and Availability

Are you willing and able to commit to the CIT program’s duration and expectations, including training Sessions and Camp weeks?

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